10 Great Tips to Get Your
Website to the Top

Currently, there are hundreds of millions of websites on the internet. It’s almost impossible that the content you’re creating is 100% unique. Iterations of it probably exist out there. Hence to stand out from the competition and to take your website to the top, you need help.

Getting your website to the top involves several website SEO tips

It’s not just important to focus on SEO or content. It’s important to know that doing the bare minimum is not going to cut it. At the same time, it’s important to not just work hard on content, but work smart. If you use some of higher ROI techniques to boost your content, you will get a better result. Working on the same, tried and tested techniques for very long won’t yield the results you need.

After all, search algorithms aren’t the same any more.

Google’s Algorithms Have Gotten Smarter

Local Google Maps

Google, the most dominant search engine on the planet, has several million baby algorithms crawling
around for every niche. It’s not just about choosing the right keywords any more. For every topic and
every niche, there is an algorithm that is ranking authoritative, relevant, and useful content.

The Emergence of Google E-A-T

Google E-A-T was a massive update to Google’s algorithms in 2018. It basically placed emphasis on
Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). The update would allow the internet to become more
authority centric and choose the most relevant and useful results.
In essence, this meant that the blogs and independent websites people built could slowly gain authority
through ethical SEO practices. If their content was consistently authoritative, useful, and trustworthy,
they could gain a higher SEO ranking.
So technically, keyword stuffing and white fonting would no longer get you in to the search rankings.
However, organic growth would, in theory, be more possible and likely under this new update.
So here are 10 great content marketing tips that you can use to get your website to the top.

10 Website SEO Tips to Take Your Website to the Top

Great content marketing tips for your website

1. Use Longtail Keywords

This one recommendation is here to stay. Long tail keywords aren’t just useful to target niche audiences, but also to target voice searches. Today, voice search is on the rise, and voice queries are generally more conversational. Hence, their questions contain keywords that are much longer.

Hence, long tail keywords are needed to capture that emerging market. Furthermore, with more and more websites being created every day, targeting a specific niche is harder to do. So, using long tail keywords in your content is no longer an option. It’s a necessity.

2. Focus on Keyword Intent

Keyword intent is very important. Long tail keywords play into this as well. You need to use keywords which are very specific so that the traffic which comes to do is direct. If you sell vacuum cleaners for example, you need to be specific about the audience. Perhaps your vacuums are for bachelors. Hence, you better mention that in your web page. If you sell gardening equipment for the elderly, you should mention who the equipment is for.

Keyword intent really helps shape the traffic that comes to your websites and helps you improve sales and conversions.

3. Choose a Good TLD (Top Level Domain)

Your website URL should have a .com in front of it if you can help it. The .net, .co, and .blog domains

really don’t cut it. Usually, when someone reads your company or blog’s name, they attach a .com to it,

they associate a .com with its website.

That’s why choosing a good top level domain is essential. If people keep entering the wrong web address and going to the wrong website, you’ll lose a lot of traffic. That’ll impact your SEO score and you’ll lose potential customers. If your chosen domain is too expensive right now, you can choose a

longer tail URL for now. In future, you can perhaps purchase the more direct URL and redirect it to your website.

4. Optimize Your Website for Mobile Devices

Most search online is done through mobile devices now. You may have noticed that you prefer to search on your phone as it’s faster as well. So if you don’t optimize your web pages or your website for mobile viewing, you’ll lose out on a lot of sales.

This doesn’t just have to do with the readability of text on a phone screen. People should be able to

navigate your website fully through their mobile devices. They should also be able to render all the

media on your website successfully. That’s why it’s important to keep your website light. A good way to do that is to limit the size of the images on it. If you don’t, the loading times will increase and you may end up losing customers to the dreaded bounce.

5. Use Authority by Association

Backlinking one of those website SEO tips that is still underused by many websites. Usually when you create a new website, it takes time to gain authority. However, you can link to other websites which already have authority to improve that.

For instance, you can link a newspaper like Time, or a reputed website like Amazon to improve authority. These backlinks will allow you to piggyback off the authority of these larger websites.

However, remember to only link to relevant websites. Don’t go for unethical SEO shortcuts otherwise, it

can backfire on you.

6. Remove Outdated Content

If your website is still hosting outdated content or empty pages, it’s best to get rid of them. They are only negatively impacting your website’s rankings. Empty pages incur a high bounce rate. However, outdated content is the worst of all. It can result in a potential customer getting ticked off since you’ve wasted their time. Hence, updating any empty or outdated content is a great way to boost your SEO rankings.

7. Structure Your Content

It’s not just enough to publish great content. You need to structure it into headings, sub-headings, and

small paragraphs. By doing that, you’ll be able to make it more scannable for Google’s search

algorithms. While you’re writing for humans, google will be able to pick up relevant content more easily

due to this. Hence, your search results ranking will shoot up.

8. Work on Your Google My Business Profile

Filling out your Google My Business profile will boost your search rankings because it’ll advertise relevant information about you. Your address, phone numbers, website URL, email, and office hours will be readily accessible.

9. Create Landing Pages for Niche Audiences

This goes back to keyword intent. However, it’s not merely enough to use a specific keyword. You need to create a separate landing page for segmented audiences. This way, you’ll be able to capitalize on even more specific traffic and translate it into sales.

10.  Focus on Website Navigation

There is something called a sitemap for every website which helps search algorithms navigate to it. Like any map, it shows them how to go from point A to point B in your website. If you can easily navigate to any point on your website from any other point, your site map is incredible. It requires a lot of internal linking, but it pays off. This is one of the most neglected website SEO tips.

Not only does it allow search results for a specific page to be pushed up, but it improves your web page

authority. Say, you’ve just constructed a new web page. It obviously won’t have much authority.

However, by linking it to other high ranking pages on your website, you can improve its authority.

You can also improve website navigation by A/B testing. This is testing different versions of the same web page by splitting traffic between them. The one that attracts the most traffic and generates the most engagement is the winner. Better web pages don’t just mean that they look better. They also entail better website navigation and interaction.

Bonus Tip: Use Schema Markup

Schema Markup is an add-on which helps search engines understand the context of your content. Hence, you can get more specialized traffic on your web pages through it. With more specialized search, queries may translate into more potential conversions.

Google understands several languages that are used by different schemas. Hence, they can help to add useful data to your website. You can seal the deal with this add on for voice search as well. Since voice searches are becoming more common anyway, this is a good add on to invest in. Using these tips will help you take your website to the top. It’s not going to happen overnight, but it will result in more sustained, organic growth that will translate into sales.