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The old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” does not work in the world of business. Simply creating an innovative business idea or offering a great service doesn’t drive scores of people to your front door. In order for them to come, they have to know you exist. They have to want your product or service and be willing to pay what you are asking. And the only way to achieve this is through marketing and advertising.


No Search Engine Optimization is NOT Dead! Google Launches a new update in Google called the CRW. If you aren't prepared your business will suffer in the online Market.

Local Map Ranking

Ranking locally is crucial today for a small business. More people than in the history of the internet are using Maps to find Dallas Small Businesses. Are you getting seen?

Web development

Creating a nice website is only the beginning. Understanding how the site performs technically and analytically is a must in order to Rank higher in Google.

Social Media Ads

Running Ads on social media can seem a bit overwhelming. Let our Social Media Ad Experts help you deliver the results that bring you big bucks in your market.

Google Ads PPC

Google Ads are a great way to get in front of millions of users especially if your product or service is not location-specific. Our experts analyze and deliver results.

Logo & Branding

Logo design is crucial in the branding of your business. Example Would you trust the quality of a burger from a junkie in an off-road alley over 5 Guys diner?

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The Evolution of

In the days of old, prior to the Internet and its magic, marketing was simple. You opened a brick and mortar store, hung up your sign, and passerby stopped in to make a purchase. Your store window was what attracted them, and  the product they need, they told everyone else about the great new bakery / blacksmith / cobbler in town. Those were simpler times.

Marketing today has changed shape but the premise is the same. You open your digital storefront in the form of a website, hang out your “sign” or domain name and attract passerby to your shop. They then tell their friends on social media, spreading the word and bringing you more business. The big difference is that your “address” is not limited to the few people in town. You now serve the globe. And your competitor isn’t the baker across town, it’s merchants all over the world who are competing for your customer’s attention and dollars.

Imagine that in front of your chic boutique, you have a newspaper peddler offering up a chance to read the latest headlines, a juggler who is trying to get your customer’s attention, a soldier on horseback announcing the start of a new war, a street peddler selling fruit and a competing shop owner trying to entice him away from your shop and into his. Sounds like it would be hard to get your customer’s attention, right? This is what you’re up against when you own an Internet business. Social media, news websites, other online merchants—there are billions of pieces of content to distract your potential customer. Using digital marketing and search engine optimization is the best way to grab and keep their attention and funnel money into your business. If you happen to be in business in my home town check out my partners at Alpharetta SEO

Down To The
Nitty Gritty!

So now that we’ve established that you need a plan to attract your customer, how do we do it? First, understand that most people turn to the Internet for information, not simply to buy. Savvy customers want to know what they’re buying before they take the leap, so the first step in drawing in customers is to give them what they want. If you own a dog treat business, think of who your target customer is and what they want to know. 

 Does your target customer want to know the best way to rid their dog of fleas, or how often he needs to be groomed? This is where search engines become the best partner you can ever have for your business.

Your target customer searches for dog grooming tips. The enter “how often do I need to groom my dog,” into the search box. The search engine sends its “spiders” to crawl the Web, looking for the most relevant pages to deliver that information. Since you have been a smart and savvy business owner and created a post on your blog about “how often to groom your dog,” the search engine delivers your page to your customer and now they’re browsing your site. Magic.

While this is an oversimplified explanation of how search engine optimization (SEO) works, the message is clear. To get the right customer to your door each time, you need to provide what they are searching for.

understanding The Relevance

The Mind of A Search Engine

It is important to think like a search engine if you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts. One of our trained Dallas SEO experts will understand exactly how the algorithm (or system) works and show you to use it to your advantage. When you search for a key word, phrase or term, the search engine wants to find the most relevant pages for your search.

They scour the Web, looking for the best content to serve up to you. First, they are looking for authority pages. News outlets, major retailers, Google map reviews, trusted sources, academic journals, etc. are usually the first to be delivered. The search engines also look for context. If you searched for custom t-shirts printing Dallas, the search engine needs to figure out whether you want to buy a customized shirt or if make customized shirts as a business. So, it takes into account your recent browsing history. Were you just searching for wholesale t-shirts? Did you just visit a screen printing equipment website? Or did you just search for t-shirt printing equipment under $5,000? The search engine takes all of this into account before delivering your results. The best digital marketers understand this language and can work with it to drive traffic to your page. As a business owner, you need to be able to think like both your customer and the search engine. This is part-art, part-science, so our SEO experts in Dallas can help you through this process. Since GoogleBing, and other major search engines change their algorithms frequently, it can be hard to keep up with the changes and shift your techniques. Staying on top of the new trends in search engines is what our SEO specialists live, eat and think, so it’s best to work with a firm that can ensure your success in creating and using the right content for your business.



So we’ve established that search engines can send customers from all over the world to your page. What if, however, you have a local business and you only want people from your area to visit? SEO service is important because it spends your marketing dollars on a narrow field of customers instead of shelling out money to reach people who will never visit your location.

 When a customer searches for “artificial turf Las Vegas,” the search engines will send them to your website that will list your hours, Google map reviews directions and a shopping list of your available turf. Your Dallas Web design team will create content that will help increase your Google maps ranking, stand out from your competitors and enjoy more traffic to your business.

Creating the right content for SEO is key. Reviews, testimonials, local news mentions, your Google maps ranking and social media posts are all great ways to drive local visitors to your site. For the most effective local reach, you will need a combination of both on-page and off-page content to drive the most traffic to your business. Are you looking for a reputable SEO company in La Cruces? Check out our trusted friends/partners at  La Cruces SEO Company

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On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO

There are two ways Kyngdom Digital Marketing Agency will use on-page SEO to your advantage. On-page SEO consists of creating content on your website that your customers need and attracting the search engines to your page directly. Off-page SEO is the technique of creating content on other platforms that attracts your customers and sends them to your page. We use both when promoting your page.

The most common type of on-page SEO is a content optimization. Updating your site with new content daily or weekly is essential to delivering the information that your customers are searching for. Everything on your page, from your domain name, to your page headers, image captions, blog post titles and actual content can be optimized for the search engines. On page SEO really comes into play when it comes to your web design. Our marketing team will assist you with a strategy that will optimize your page for search. We will design it in a user and search engine friendly way, create the right image captions, keywords, meta tags, title tags and descriptions and build in links. Our web developers and graphic designers will work together to create a page that your customers and the search engines love. Off-page SEO is an important part of our digital marketing plan as well. Think of off-page SEO as a series of referrals from trusted sources. Backlinks from authority pages give your page more relevance, making it more likely to be found by search engines. Social promotion will also increase your page’s relevance and make it more likely that your customers will find you. An industry influencer writing a positive post about your company and providing a link back to your website is one example of off-page SEO. Other forms of off-page SEO include news articles, magazine write-ups and any other promotion that links back to your website. A digital marketing expert can help you to get the most out of both off-page and on-page SEO.

Hiring A Digital Marketing Agency

One of the best ways to market your business is to hire a dedicated SEO expert to ensure that you get the best exposure possible. Our digital marketing agency will interview you to get a better idea about your business challenges, strengths, and goals. We will work with you to create a plan that includes full branding, marketing, and advertising. We will help your brand stand out by partnering you with our local logo experts, paid to click specialists, web developers, and social media consultants.

Our web developers can help you choose the best web platform, develop a PPC affiliate program, and optimize your page for a search. The Kyngdom Digital Marketing team is skilled in understanding how to make all these elements work for your company.

Kyngdom Digital is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Dallas for all your marketing needs. We offer help with local search by getting you better Google map reviews, deciding on the best platform hosting for your website, and the best Dallas logo design for your letterhead, business cards, merchandise, and website. We provide digital marketing solutions for both local and national companies. We have a team of PPC consultants to work with any budget. We are the best at SEO and several other white hat tactics your business may need, and we specialize in driving traffic to businesses both small and large. Speak with a Specialist today at 858-356-6216 to get your business the conversions it deserves!

Pulling it All Together

While any of these techniques alone are effective, pulling together a complete suite of marketing services is what will drive customers to your site and help you to build up a loyal fan base. Many businesses wonder which efforts will be most effective, when the reality is that they work best in concert with each other. A complete branding package that includes our team of local logo designer,

web developers, and web design specialist who will help you decide on how to utilize platforms like Wix, Weebly, WordPress, WooCommerce, and several others for your overall needs is the first step. Once you have built a brand identity, marketing with SEO strategies like social media, on-page and off-page SEO and local search is key. Our digital marketing team can help you to create the right package for your business needs.

Finally, when it comes to paid search and marketing, Kyngdom Digital will help you to design your ad, choose your budget and control your ad spend for the best results. We will also assist you with setting up your paid to click accounts and set up the best PPC affiliate programs to maximize your reach.

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