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​The internet is changing everything about how we conduct business, connect with people, even the way we get our most basic needs met. Every commodity from housing to food to entertainment is found in the online marketplace and the world has decided that convenience is a top priority for where they spend their hard-earned money. If you are in the process of building your audience and trying to take your business to the next level, then marketing your business on the internet is a necessity. 

Kyngdom Digital is an all encompassing digital marketing agency that can provide you with the complete set of services to dominate your local market. With us, you get phenomenal web development, SEO (search engine optimization) services, and insight on how to utilize tools from Google and Facebook. Our focus is on helping businesses here in Marietta, Georgia use web development techniques to expand their customer base, increase sales, and retain customers for the long haul.

Elijah_Pruitt For great web development in San Diego, California, you need more than just a sleek website design. ​There are incredible web design teams that focus solely on the way your website looks, but when they are not rooted in the best SEO practices, mobile-friendly designs, click-to-call, and analytics, they don’t have the ability to reach an audience. Do you really want to spend a bunch of money on a gorgeous site that no one sees? Instead, you can bring us in to boost your ranking for relevant search terms on Google, make your website incredibly user friendly, and actually create sales lead through your online presence. The entire world is using the internet now, so you can take advantage by getting the most advanced internet marketing available. If you would like to discuss the different ways we can give your business a boost, then contact us today to set up your free consultation.

"Everybody can be great...because anyone can serve. You don't have to have a college degree to serve. You don't have to make your subject and verb agree to serve. You only need a heart full of grace. A soul generated by love."
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr


Making a return on your investment seems impossible.
TV Ads, Fly By Night Marketers and Magazines never work.
All these things just leave you feeling like you’re rolling the dice in Vegas.
But no business should have to take a chance on their marketing.
Our team understands how to navigate the digital technology world.

How Web Development Contributes To Sales

The key to really taking over in your niche for the San Diego, CA area is complete web development from our expert team. This is more than just creating a great website, but rather about making sure that your website and your entire online presence work cohesively to create sales leads. Our method is tried and true, and we have taken businesses to the first page of Google for relevant search terms to their business, developed great and campaigns on Facebook and Google, and created websites that funnel those new potential customers directly to you.

When creating your web design, we make sure that the first thing we do is make it visible to the people that are looking for your services. Search engine optimization is the process by which we make your business friendly to the most popular search engines. With our tried and true methods of creating designs and content that boost your rankings on Google and other search engines, we create new eyes for your website right away.

In addition to using your websites development to increase the visibility of your site, we also make sure that your website is conducive to getting sales leads. For starters, we create web designs that are mobile-friendly, because so much of the market right now is determined by people searching for things on their smartphones. Additionally, we use analytics, click-to-call buttons, and contact forms to gather information and get you directly in touch with the people that need your business. When we combine these methods, you will see the number of sales leads for your business shoot through the roof. Calls are coming in, contact information is coming in for you to directly respond, and your business is now easier than ever to find online.

Call us right now and you can set up a free appointment to meet with us about the potential that our SEO web development strategy has for boosting your business. It is a risk-free consultation that we are certain will give you the inspiration to take your business to the next level through top of the line marketing.

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A Necessary Tool for Small Business Marketing

The old adage, "If you build it, they will come," does not work in the world of business. Simply creating an innovative business idea or offering a great service doesn't drive scores of people to your front door. In order for them to come, they have to know you exist. They have to want your product or service and be willing to pay what you are asking. And the only way to achieve this is through marketing and advertising.

The Evolution of Marketing

In the days of old, prior to the Internet and its magic, marketing was simple. You opened a brick and mortar store, hung up your sign, and passerby stopped in to make a purchase. Your store window was what attracted them, and when they purchased the product they needed, they told everyone else about the great new bakery/blacksmith/cobbler in town. Those were simpler times.

Marketing today has changed shape but the premise is the same. You open your digital storefront in the form of a website, hang out your “sign” or domain name and attract passersby to your shop. They then tell their friends on social media, spreading the word and bringing you more business. The big difference is that your “address” is not limited to the few people in town. You now serve the globe. And your competitor isn’t the baker across town, it’s merchants all over the world who are competing for your customer’s attention and dollars.

Imagine that in front of your store, you have a newspaper peddler offering up a chance to read the latest headlines, a juggler who is trying to get your customer’s attention, a soldier on horseback announcing the start of a new war, a street peddler selling fruit and a competing shop owner trying to entice him away from your shop and into his. Sounds like it would be hard to get your customer’s attention, right? This is what you’re up against when you own an Internet business. Social media, news websites, other online merchants—there are billions of pieces of content to distract your potential customer. Using digital marketing and search engine optimization is the best way to grab and keep their attention and funnel money into your business.

The Nitty Gritty: Understanding Search Engines

So now that we’ve established that you need a plan to attract your customer, how do we do it? First, understand that most people turn to the Internet for information, not simply to buy. Savvy customers want to know what they’re buying before they take the leap, so the first step in drawing in customers is to give them what they want. If you own a dog treat business, think of who your target customer is and what they want to know. Does your target customer want to know the best way to rid their dog of fleas, or how often he needs to be groomed? This is where search engines become the best partner you can ever have for your business.

Your target customer searches for dog grooming tips. The enter “how often do I need to groom my dog,” into the search box. The search engine sends its “spiders” to crawl the Web, looking for the most relevant pages to deliver that information. Since you have been a smart and savvy business owner and created a post on your blog about “how often to groom your dog,” the search engine delivers your page to your customer and now they’re browsing your site. Magic.

While this is an oversimplified explanation of how search engine optimization (SEO) works, the message is clear. To get the right customer to your door each time, you need to provide what they are searching for.

Understanding Relevance: The Mind of a Search Engine

It is important to think like a search engine if you want to get the most out of your SEO efforts. A trained SEO Expert of San Diego will understand exactly how the algorithm (or system) works and how you can use it to your advantage. When you search for a keyword, phrase or term, the search engine wants to find the most relevant pages for your search. They scour the Web, looking for the best content to serve up to you. First, they’re looking for authority pages. News outlets, major retailers, Google map reviews, trusted sources, academic journals, etc. are usually the first to be delivered. The search engines also look for context. If you searched for Apple in San Diego, the search engine needs to figure out whether you need a replacement iPad or the best ingredient for a fall pie. So it takes into account your recent browsing history. Were you just searching for a pie crust recipe? Did you just visit your local supermarket’s website? Or did you just search for laptops under $5,000? The search engine takes all of this into account before delivering your results. The best SEO San Diego firms understand this language and can work with it to drive traffic to your page.

As a business owner, you need to be able to think like both your customer and the search engine. This is part-art, part-science, so a San Diego SEO expert can help you through this process. Because Google and the major search engines change their algorithms frequently, it can be hard to keep up with the changes and shift your techniques. Staying on top of the new trends in search engines is what SEO specialists live, eat and think, so it’s best to work with a firm that can ensure your success in creating and using the right content for your business.

Going Local: A Different Kind of Marketing

So we’ve established that search engines can send customers from all over the world to your page. What if, however, you have a local business and you only want people from your area to visit? Local SEO is important because it spends your marketing dollars on a narrow field of customers instead of shelling out money to reach people who will never visit your location. When a customer searches for “lemon filled donuts in Denver,” the search engines will send them to your website that will list your hours, Google map reviews directions and a menu of your confections. Your San Diego Web design firm will create content that will help increase your Google maps ranking, stand out from your competitors and enjoy more traffic to your business.

Creating the right content for local SEO is key. Reviews, testimonials, local news mentions, your Google maps ranking and social media posts are all great ways to drive local visitors to your site. For the most effective local reach, you will need a combination of both on-page and off-page content to drive the most traffic to your business.

On-page vs. Off-Page SEO

There are two ways your San Diego SEO firm will use on-page SEO to your advantage. On-page SEO consists of creating content on your website that your customers need and attracting the search engines to your page directly. Off-page SEO is the technique of creating content on other platforms that attracts your customers and sends them to your page. San Diego SEO specialists typically use both when promoting your page.

The most common type of on-page search engine optimization is a blog. Kyngdom Digital, the best SEO San Diego firm, will help you with creating detailed content. Updating your site with new content daily or weekly is essential to delivering the information that your customers are searching for. Everything on your page, from your domain name, to your page headers, image captions, blog post titles and actual content can be optimized for the search engines. On page SEO really comes into play when it comes to your Web design. A San Diego web design firm can assist you with a strategy that will optimize your page for search. They will design it in a user and search engine friendly way, create the right image captions, keywords, meta tags, title tags and descriptions and build in links. Your San Diego Web design team and San Diego Web developers will work together to create a page that your customers and the search engines love.

Off-page optimization is an important part of your Local SEO marketing plan as well. Think of off-page SEO as a series of referrals from trusted sources. Backlinks from authority pages give your page more relevance, making it more likely to be found by search engines. Social promotion will also increase your page’s relevance and make it more likely that your customers will find you. An industry influencer writing a positive post about your company and providing a link back to your website is one example of off-page SEO.

Other forms of off-page SEO include news articles, magazine write-ups and any other promotion that links back to your website. An expert in san diego social media can help you to get the most out of both off-page and on-page SEO.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Another way to drive traffic to your site is through pay per click or PPC advertising. This is sometimes referred to as “paid to click” advertising. The basic premise of this is that you create an ad for your business and you pay a small fee for each person that clicks on the ad. The search engines will show your ad to your target customer based on your budget. When your budget for the day is exhausted, the search engines will stop marketing your site. PPC consultants and SEO services San Diego will help you to create a compelling ad and get the most exposure for your advertising spend. Your PPC consultants can also create a PPC affiliate program in which you pay influencers to promote your business and pay them a small percentage based on the traffic they send to your site.

Pulling it All Together: The Complete Marketing Team

While any of these techniques alone are effective, pulling together a complete suite of marketing services is what will drive customers to your site and help you to build up a loyal fan base. Many businesses wonder which efforts will be most effective, when the reality is that they work best in concert with each other. A complete branding package that includes a San Diego logo designer and San Diego Web developer or San Diego Web design specialist who will help you decide on WordPress vs html for your overall look is the first step. Once you have built a brand identity, marketing with SEO strategies like social media San Diego, on-page and off-page SEO and local search is key. Your SEO expert San Diego can help you to create the right package for your business needs.

Finally, when it comes to paid search and marketing, your SEO expert San Diego will help you to design your ad, choose your budget and control your ad spend for the best results. They will also assist you with setting up your paid to click accounts and set up the best PPC affiliate programs to maximize your reach.

Hiring an SEO Firm to Market Your Business Online

One of the best ways to market your business is to hire a dedicated SEO expert San Diego to ensure that you get the best exposure possible. Your San Diego SEO firm will interview you to get a better idea about your business challenges, strengths and goals. They will work with you to create a plan that includes full branding, marketing and advertising. They will help you to identify San Diego logo experts, paid to click specialists, San Diego Web design experts, and social media San Diego consultants.

Your San Diego Web developer can help you choose between WordPress vs html, develop a PPC affiliate program and optimize your page for search. The best SEO experts in San Diego are skilled in understanding how to make all of these elements work for your company.

Kyngdom Digital is the best SEO San Diego firm for all of your marketing needs. We offer help with local search by getting you better Google map reviews, deciding on WordPress vs html for your website and the best San Diego logo design for your letterhead, business cards, merchandise and website. In addition to providing San Diego,SEO services, we assist businesses both local and nationally. We have a team of expert PPC consultants to work with any budget. We are the best SEO San Diego firm for all of your business needs. Call Today for your free consultation. 

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​Facebook Ads Are Your Friend

One of the most visited sites on the entirety of the internet is Facebook. Facebook has so many users that the impact you can have on the social media juggernaut is undeniable. Unfortunately, many people waste money advertising on Facebook because they don’t know how to utilize Facebook Ads to generate sales. Even though you get a presence boost from creating a Facebook Ad, if you do not have the right plan for your ad and using it to generate sales leads, it will all be for naught. Our marketing company will work with you to create Facebook Ads that are properly targeted and use the analytics from those ads to generate sales for your business in the future. ​

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With our company, you get a team that understands the ins and outs of internet marketing and web development and will utilize all available tools to make sure that you are successful in generating sales leads so that you can grow your business. Our team is ready to put together a personalized plan for your business when you call us today and set up a free consultation. We look forward to helping you generate sales through revolutionary online marketing. ​

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